Suzanne E.

Although this art quilt, “Rising Tide: We Have Been Warned” is currently in a traveling exhibit I decided to study it for alignment, strengths and weaknesses. I began researching background information about how climate change is and will impact Florida and realized I had the photos I needed to complete the project. I snapped the photo of the birds sitting on the roof of a neighbor’s house and the water images were taken of the lake behind my home at sunrise. I sent the photos to be printed onto fabric at Spoonflower. The text is copied from local newspaper articles which I printed myself onto fabric with an inkjet printer. This piece is based on the prediction that by the year 2100 the sea level could have risen by 3 feet and by then the homes in my neighborhood could be partially submerged. The exhibit was open to Florida artists, began at Biscayne National Park near Miami and is traveling to national parks around the US for the next several years.

I feel good about this piece and the impact this message could have. To me it looks aligned and despite the soft colors, carries a strong message. I believe it works and can’t think of any way I would change it other than make it larger, however, the exhibitors required pieces exactly 52”H x 20” W in order to simplify installation. No exceptions!

In addition to evaluating one of my finished works, I spent a lot of time on the first part of the assignment. I came to some conclusions but feel I am not ready to submit that part yet. It stirred up a lot for me…a good thing…and I want to let it simmer for a while.