Landreth H.

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Taking time. I have always felt I allow my work to evolve at it's own pace ... often leaving a piece up on the design wall coming back again and again ... seeing it ... each time with a different perspective. All the while I work with three or four pieces at a time. OKAY ... now I realize how very much that is not focusing ... working purposefully and slowly! And that it is not listening to my artist self ...because this week I have worked differently!!!

I found just such a stored piece on week two. It is not where I will be focusing again but...? I have never critiqued my work in depth ... writing it down ... during it's working and before showing it to anyone else. I was dispassionate this time and now have so many ideas to take this to where I want it to be. And while doing that I realized that I title whatever I work on at it's start. It is Colorado Wildfire. Am I naming content? I am smiling and still cringing because it is so far off of what I want to see. Now I will define for myself whether it is the content or the design elements that keep drawing me back. Either I choose to stick with it and finish it or have it go away. (Okay my back is tired from all of the moving!)

Listing my skills was eyeopening! In my terror (yes I said real fear) that I am not good enough to continue what I am good at, I had vered away from my true artist self. With that listing ... I have redefined and redesigned my work spaces to focus on where I really need to be best productive. WOW! I have always been organized but now I am focusing on my work differently.

The epiphany ... I will now come back to continue with the exploration I have with rust dying and thread painting. Yesterday I followed up with limiting myself to 3" blocks ... adding the limitation of using a cast off 11" x 18" piece to create something. Did that and then dispassionately evaluated what I had and where it needs to go and maybe ... more pieces to explore?? Discoveries ... three inches is not really small ... going to one inch next ... I am ready to draw with thread again ... and within each "not right piece of fabric" there can be gems! This is not finished ...