Diana A.

Notes and comments on art piece called Capri:

I made this art quilt about 9 years ago and have always thought it my most finished piece.  I chose it because I wanted to really look at it to see what made it the most "finished".  Below is are the comments:

  • Eye moves all around the piece
  • good balance with both light and darks and neutral colors
  • quilting leads eye around the piece
  • contrasts of straight quilting lines and curved piecing lends interest
  • binding uses more than one fabric
  • black fabric in the piece is dissonant
  • complementary fabric colors are balanced
  • back of piece is finished well
  • corners of piece were handled well
  • size is good (24x36")
  • lower portion of the quilt is less interesting, dull
  • browns could be lighter to brighten the piece
  • piecing was done well

I turned the piece on its side and liked it better with more movement created by the curved piecing.  Sorry the color is off on the photo, the actual piece is brighter.  The photo below is the quilt on its side.