Mary G.

This is the lesson I needed, with the perfect additional strategies to get me in alignment. Three years ago I deliberately and consciously curtailed my making until I plotted out my path forward. I didn’t know to call it alignment (which for me has meant a trip to chiropractor, acupuncture, massage or PT). I had become blinded by techniques, and had lost the essence of “me” in all of the experimentation. So, I kept making and finished all my UFO’s while I began making my lists. What techniques I was good at and wanted to use to.

 In addition, I analyzed the art and artists style that speak to me, to articulate what qualities I am drawn to. And then added the ones I don’t posses to my wannabe skill list to practice. I need to make time for the practice.

The missing ingredient to move forward is the message, the big content, what I want the viewer to experience. I know more writing and sketching will help me get there and have started. So much of what I have done has been driven by the siren song of a technique or gorgeous fabric. I need to get content in driver seat to become aligned.

Perfection is fleeting. The perfect teeth don’t last, body image changes over time, perfect jobs are impacted by new people, fitness at 60 is different than at 20. Many pieces I loved when they were finished, not so much now. They reflect where I was at the time, and time moves on. that is okay with me. Time brings new information and wisdom, tastes change. What I need to strive for  is the joy in the making, and the taking the time to do the best I can with the lessons I have learned and the skills set I have more consciously chosen. When those elements converge with the content/emotion I want to express, that will be my version of ideal outcome.

The epiphany this week was to critique my own work, AND WRITE IT DOWN. Whew! I looked at 6 pieces and wrote lists of what the strengths and weakness were of each piece. Here are the general themes:

The following piece I made in a ‘heritage’ challenge in a small group.. Speaking of the transient nature of perfection, when I showed this piece to the group, I was in tears because I was so thrilled with the outcome. It was a real stretch for me and strongest unique piece to date.  Not so thrilled anymore, but I will rework parts of it soon based on my self-critique and any comments the group has to offer.