Faith V.

Basic info: Result of my first attempt at warp painting. I truly didn’t know what I was doing. A 6/2 rayon yarn, over dyed with fuchsia, blue, yellow (the orange stripe), but loved the result. Woven on 8 shaft in a 3/1 block weave. This scarf was designed at the loom, after the warp yarn was dyed.

I love the variations in color.  The orange stripe is fairly even in color but the fuchsia/purple moves. I also love the sheen of the yarn when it was pressed. I also love that I can wear it for both casual or dress.

Improvements: Using finer yarn. I sett the 6/2 at about 20 ends to the inch. I will be experimenting with a 16/2 bamboo at 24-30 ends to the inch. Looking for subtler variations and more of them.  I will also be experimenting with different warp painting techniques.

Further ideas for warp painting:  Paint warp so that the striping only shows in certain areas…comes and goes up and down the warp…or different stripes show up in different area.

Think striping in collage pins when painting…think landscape….

Practice with dyes on paper. Cut and collage to design.