Deb S.

I have to admit that I have thought about and evaluated my strengths and weaknesses many times. My strengths are clear to me - weaknesses that are the most apparent at this time as well. I believe this list will be ever changing as time goes. Weaknesses are generally hurried choices - not allowing myself the time to walk away. I think writing them down and using it as more of a check list might helpful to me. 

  • Does this piece move me?
  • Is there good use of contrast?
  • Is it balanced?
  • Does my eye get stuck?
  • What do I see first?
  • Did I photograph this piece in color and tonal images?
  • Could the design be better?
  • Is it over complicated?
  • What could I add?
  • What could I eliminate?

To me, there is no absolute perfection in anything I do because I will always strive to improve. Absolute perfection is unattainable. I consider a work well done if it is moving in some way. There must be good use of value and color and must feel balanced yet interesting. It must be executed well and, while there can be flaws, they must be virtually undetectable to others. It is the overall sense the work has that matters most. 

I've read that artists must choose a style to be recognizable. I don't think that's something I want to do. I love large art quilts and I love smaller pieces as well. We will see where my art takes me. Maybe it just happens??

I have now started a list of want able skills. 

  • Writing
  • Photo editing
  • Improved painting and drawing skills
  • Greater understanding of light sources and their effect on colors

The piece I've chosen to share is one of my favorites. I feel it has strong visual impact, good use of color and values, it holds my eye and it has a spiritual sense to it. It is mounted to a frame and resides in our Arizona winter home. 

  • Pathways to my soul
  • Kindled by light and color 
  • Emotions conveyed