Rayne V.

Part 1 History

My dad did carpentry and our home had beautiful handmade

 wood things like our cutting boards.  My mom was a professional seamstress and I remember helping to cut out patterns she set out on the floor.  I was a quiet introspective kid that loved books and hunted for gemstones.  I remember winning second place in

 a coloring contest when I was 9 and happy someone liked the fall pallet of colors I chose for the haunted house scene.  I drew cartoons about deer hunting and secretly put them in my dad’s hunting gear.


There were no art classes in the catholic school I attended.

  I finally took art classes in high school and at a local art league.  One of my high school paintings was accepted in a local student art show.  In college I studied Western Art History, Art Philosophy and Studio drawing work. I was inspired by teachers who

 came from other countries.  I loved reading classical literature from other cultures and I loved writing.  More than a good grade I was over the moon when one of the most difficult English professors wrote a compliment on my writing.

After college I had many jobs like working in a floral

 shop and being a nanny.  My favorite job was working as an ESL teacher and living in China for a year.  I went back to school for my elementary teaching certificate.  My best days were substituting for art teachers.  I had a long term placement as an art teacher

 for two schools, kindergarten through fifth grade.  One building didn’t even have an art room.  I never worked so hard and had the best time of my life.

 Part 2 Process

I’ve said it before I am an obsessive artist and there is nothing better than being on

 fire with an idea.  Part of the fire for a project has to be a challenge of time or skills.  Then midway through the project when you start to burn out you have to push through to the finish line.  The icing on the cake is when the same project points out

 a weakness and inspires you to improve a skill.  More than one time young love inspired an art or craft project.  For example my college boyfriend sent me a black and white photo which inspired this pointilism of him in front of the Washington DC cherry trees.

  I showed this drawing in one of my art classes for feedback.  Because the weak point of this project was the figure I signed up for figure drawing the next semester.  That’s a perfect art process for me.     

Part 3 Content

Creativity is God’s gift to us.  Using our creativity is our gift back to God.

Don’t die with your music still in you.

We are at our best when we are creating.  When you send

 your Art out to the world it’s like sending out your heart.  It’s terrifying, and makes me feel more alive than anything.  Being around people who are doing what they love to do is exhilarating.  Sharing what you love with others is better than anything.