Theresa F.

Its been an interesting few weeks ...had to put on my 'big girl pants' I had a 'crunch' in my day job - delivery on an important deadline.  Work goal was back to some important (to me) artist statement.


A Work in Progress.....

My world and where I come from is a place filled with love – sometimes gentle love, sometimes tough love, but love all the same.   It’s not all fairy floss and butterflies – it is very real, with all that that entails- it can be ugly and harsh, but it is always true and authentic.  A part of this for me has always been textiles, fibre and stitching – in its many forms – from items made for me by my mum and my grandma’s to the little jackets made for my new born babies by me, by my mum and their dad’s mum, to clothing and pieces I have made for myself and others to my now making/creating/adventuring in to into unknown territory.

I curate collections of ‘things’ – images, words, ideas and my own sketching and doodling – all stored in my journals – this is the bedrock of my creativity and artistic self.   I love embroidery and stitching – with no preference for hand or machine stitching – both have a place in my artistic repertoire.   

I love beauty, simplicity and depth and layers – I don’t like settling for the ‘obvious’ – there is usually no ‘obvious’ in any aspect of life.  I seek to create pieces that can be enjoyed on purely a visual level – are pleasing to the eye and provide a moment or two of pleasure and enjoyment.  For those who have the time or inclination – I hope my pieces can engage at a deeper level – eliciting emotions and thoughts -  connection to the light and dark, the passion (feeling) and reason (intellect) of life.  Despite the many wonderful things in our world, life is hard but beautiful and this is what I seek to communicate with my art – duende.