Michaela M.

Edited version of my History, Content and Process - still a work in progress!

I had a very happy childhood and grew up in a loving family.  I enjoyed school making life-long friends, despite being chronically shy.  I always loved making things and playing with fabrics to produce dresses for my dolls with the help of my beloved Grandmother who was a skilled seamstress and seemed to enjoy passing on her love of dressmaking to me.  At Secondary School I was told I was too ‘academic’ to persue art or needlework and as I was such an obedient and docile child I didn’t argue but dropped my favourite subjects to study history and classics instead. 

I did well in my exams and went to university in Southampton to read Hellenic and Roman Studies.  My parents didn’t think I would survive being away from home and coping on my own but it turned out to be the making of me.  I made some really close friends who I still see today and also met Peter who later became my husband.  Neither of us wanted to have children but we are still blissfully happy and enjoy (pretty much!) everyday we have together even after nearly 40 years.  He has always  indulged me and let me spend a lot of time catching up with all the creative passions I have had, even though he didn’t always understand what I was trying to achieve.  But then I often didn’t fully understand myself!

We have always travelled extensively which has influenced my art and often an Eastern or Aisian influence has crept in.   Peter is retiring at the end of this month (June 2016) so life is probably going to undergo some changes and may take on a different shape.  However, we are planning to travel some more so I will continue to have a wealth of ideas and images to stimulate me for years to come.

 Over the years I have taken numerous classes and workshops trying out just about every creative craft going.  I am a bit of a butterfly and always want to try out the latest ideas or techniques.  However, I have constantly returned to my original passions of textiles, printing and mixed media.  Just this last weekend (18 June 2016) I attended a workshop which has finally shown me how to draw together all my ideas and practices!   I am hopeful I will now be able to pull together my printing, fabrics, papers and ephemera into meaningful pieces of work.  Whether I just do them for myself, give them away or maybe sell them is yet to be seen but I finally feel I have found a way to work which has always eluded me before so that is very satisfying.