Suzy B.

A needle whispering through cloth, the tactile pleasure of fabric sliding through my hands as I stitch. The pleasure of working with colors that make me happy. My blue tinged fingertips as I dip white fabric into the indigo dye pot. This is why I have chosen to work with textiles. 

I cannot say that I am self taught for I have had many teachers. Most do not know me. 

For the past few years I have worked on a series. I start each with the same   archetypical shape. I  may use cotton, silk, linen, or hemp. I dye, paint, embroider, hand stitch, patch, and quilt. I may use a sewing machine or hand stitch. Each one is different and could be imagined as kimono, a turkish robe, a patched and worn garment or a favorite wrap worn to a party. The difference being that these are to be hung on the wall. 

And, if you desire a nomadic existence, your favorite piece of art can be rolled up and taken with you!