Mary L.

Raised on a farm in Ohio I spent my days caring for animals and exploring the woods, orchard and swamp collecting bugs and leaves.  Summer meant trips to Lake Erie where I learned to swim, canoe, fish and bike. In August mother and I took and annual car trip to Indiana to visit my grandmother.  There I learned to knit and slept under beautiful ancient quilts.

By the time I was in high school I sewed all my own clothes. I particularly enjoyed playing with the leftover scraps from these forays and made more than one randomly pieced quilt from them.  My passion for textiles and handknits took a backseat to science during college and graduate school, and then marriage and family.

I rediscovered my fabric roots after a house fire on Ash Wednesday in 2000.  Quilting became my creative outlet and I met new friends at quilt shops, retreats and guilds.  Gradually my work has evolved from more traditional to abstract and contemporary.  

My abstract textile art is inspired by the places I visit, the patterns I see, and the colors I love. It is informed by my fascination with biology and microscopic forms, geometric designs, and the natural landscape.

Each piece is a new adventure. I work in series, experimenting and spontaneously exploring new ideas. Color and contrast are of primary importance. Fabrics are combined intuitively with vintage ephemera, paint, and paper incorporating many of the techniques of traditional quilting.

I am drawn to textiles by the tactile nature of the medium.  I repurpose vintage handwork and wools.  I sew individual elements together into blocks that please me when they are arranged on a design wall.

My work is constantly evolving. Each artwork becomes a distinctive statement of place and time.