Jacqueline H.

All my life I have been working with fabric and yarn. Sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery. I got my first sewing machine on my fourth birthday. Being the only girl in a family with in total ten brothers/cousins, I had to live up to many expectations. Trying to please everybody became my second nature, ’disappearing’ one of my virtues. I would have loved to go to art school, but this didn’t fit the image. Instead I went to law school. In later life I realized I could only feel complete if I made more out of my obsession with fabric, yarn and fibers.

I like to start my art work with a blank canvas: plain fabric which I dye myself, sometimes together with fibers. I may use the dyed fabric as a base for needle felting. I like to experiment with differentfabrics, fibers and other materials, which are not considered to be ‘traditional’ felting material. This felted base can be machine stitched, thread painted or I use appliqué. Other fabrics come out of the dye bath with interesting patterns. In that case, I may skip the needle felting and just use machine stitching, hand embroidery, beads, painted accents. I can work on a piece for a long time if it needs a lot of embroidery. Other pieces can be finished quite quickly. Sometimes I take a diversion to making books and/or working with perspex, but always combine these with fabric and fibers. All my work is rather small. For me, a 1 m2 piece is huge.

I often find inspiration in nature: colors, growth, bloom and decay, but emotions as well, can be sources for both figurative and abstract work.