Sue W.

Week Nine – Each of us is Fascinating: Part 2 – The Edit

I was fortunate to be born into an inquisitive and artistic family that travelled and worked around the world – not a traditional education but an inspiring one.

This gave me the opportunity to see colours and pattern making, through young eyes in many different cultures and climates.  From this young experience grew a love of texture and order trying to make sense of what I saw – this in turn from the age of sixteen, when I had my first loom, lead to a fascination with woven cloth and textiles – order and pattern not to mention colour.

Training in Textiles and working in public art galleries organizing exhibitions continued to feed into arrangements to make sense of History of Art and the continuum of ideas and the wonderful joy of creativity that is expressed throughout the world.  Then came working in children’s television, again reusing the joy of colour, pattern and story telling and the endless creativity that film allows.

During this time my own textile life continued – weaving rugs, cloth and garments over the years on a variety of looms, including jacquard and dobby looms.  I recently have simplified my weaving studio and only have three looms allowing me to experiment with different yarns from paper, wool, wire and silk in varying degrees of woven complexity.

I now live by the sea, the vast landscape and seascape that personifies Norfolk.  I continue in wonderment to weave from the inspiration such an ordered environment gives to my current work using woven tapestry as my chosen medium.