Sammy C.

Art practice has been a constant thread throughout my life history. I am a country girl with a heart for people. Family and place are important to me together with all the associated meanings of heritage, culture and understanding. God has gifted me with the ability to see the world creatively which I consciously put into practice without holding back. Understanding these significant aspects of self and personal growth has led to a confidence in my goals, no longer ephemeral dreams, transforming ideas from vague and indistinct into reality.

Family heritage has gifted me with a love of working with my hands, in particular the hand crafts of sewing, embroidery and crochet. To incorporate these age-old practices with traditional Shibori practices is a marriage of heritage and culture that mirrors my passion for balance in a turbulent world. My paintings and drawings are the embodiment of my voice in the darkness seeking to share God’s love as an expressive response to the imbalance of the world today. The perfect balance is achieved in a work incorporating a combination of hand-craft, Shibori and painting or drawing, using my favourite pallet in strong tones of oranges, reds, blues and greens. My use of bright and bold colour is an act of defiance against the darkness of this world.

I see the world as a busy place which is travelling at a frenzied pace, with little time for understanding of differences. Spending time with people, caring for them and listening to their stories is the colour of life for me. I am enamored and challenged by God’s desire that all people come to know His love, no barriers or divisions, no exceptions or exclusions. The uncaring nature of this world is at odds with my own nature and this struggle resonates in my soul, emerging as bursts of expression in my work which is a reflection of the colour of life and an expression of God’s desire.