Lisa C.

Each of Us is Fascinating – Distilling Your Story

Even as a young child, I loved to work with my hands and create things.  I caught the travel bug early in life.  Family camping trips to Algonquin Park and my first trip to Italy in high school sparked my love of nature and architecture.  My fierce independence led me away from home to study engineering at university.  This experience taught me discipline, focus and problem-solving skills.   My interest in textiles ignited in my mid-twenties when I started making traditional pieced quilts.   Exposure to many different techniques taught by world-class artists has bridged this passion into the realm of fiber art.

One of the reasons I was initially drawn to quilting is the texture created by this medium.  I attempt to create layers of textures in my fiber art.  I use different types of textiles – cotton, silk, linen, and sheers – to piece the first layer.  Thread work connects the fabric elements using machine quilting and hand stitch.  Surface design techniques are being introduced into recent work.  Often the fabric itself is manipulated using bleach, rust, paper lamination, or printing with thickened dyes.  Text may be used to create marks or pattern.   Paint or ink can be added to highlight specific details.  This is an area that I continue to experiment with.                                                                                                   

My creative process begins with an image or an experience that speaks to me.  Taking photos of things I observe and capture my interest provide clues to what elements appeal to me as an artist.  It can often be something as simple as a shape, a line or even a texture.   My interactions with nature also present imagery for my art.  I am inspired by Canadian artists Tom Thomson and The Group of Seven.  They are best known for their distinctive painting style inspired by their experiences in the Canadian wilderness.