Julie S.

I haven’t finished my piece yet so I’m not sharing that, but Iwant to share the thoughts and the process. I’m findingthe history bit hard. My dad died at the beginning of the year and as so much of what I’ve done and who I am are as a result of havinghimas a dad, it’s not easy remembering my life. Especially the bad bits, which I had come to terms with, or so I thought. I know this isthe shitty first draft, but I am even struggling with that concept, wanting to edit as Igo. I’ve also been avoiding the task, OK so it is the Bank Holiday weekend and my brother is up and we’ve been busy, but I just know I have been avoiding the task. Also there are bits of my life I just don’t want to think about, a kind of dirty little secret of my past. Sounds so intriguing but it’s more to do with the sort of person I was back then and how I behaved rather than any deviant behaviour……well let’s skip over that bit shall we! So I shall struggle on because I know this is so important for me to finish and cometo terms with what I am doing rightnow. Back to the shitty first draft.