Sue W.

Part 1 – History

Who are you and what physical path has your life taken?

My Family – my father was in Bomber Command during the Second World War and continued in the R.A.F. until he retired in 1979 – He died in 1984

My Mother had a drink problem and for many years my uncle lived with us – He was an alcoholic – I am an only child.

We moved many times in the UK as well as living in Cyprus and Africa. I had about 12 different schools and I always seemed to be packing and unpacking. My stuffed animals on my bed were very important to me and I used to talk to them…(I guess that maybe that’s why I ended up working in Children’s TV programmes and toy industry)

I went to all sorts of schools, State, Private, Protestant, Catholic and even boarding school for a short time.

My Mother went to Art School and became a successful artist.

I married young 20 and had 2 children when 22 and 23, then got divorced – so on my own with 2 young children. Trained to be Art teacher and taught for a while and then ran the Education Department in a City Art Gallery

(When I was 16 I was given my first weaving loom by a friend of my Mothers and have been weaving on and off ever since - I now have several looms.)

I left the Art Gallery to join Children’s TV production and worked designing all the publicity/trade fairs and guidelines for associated products. I travelled between New York, Tokyo and the UK always thinking about new ways to present programmes and products.

Whilst at the Art Gallery as well as teaching and lecturing I ran practical art sessions and organized exhibitions

As a child I loved walking being outside with my father sailing and watching him motor racing at Silverstone

Moved to France in 1997 with my wonderful husband and created a colourful garden.

My husband died 4 years ago so bought a house in Norfolk to look after my Mother who by this time had altzheimers – She died 3 days before I arrived in Norfolk – but she knew I was coming.

So now live in Norfolk with my looms and visiting children and grandchildren

Part 2 – Process

How do you work and what do you love to do?

I love arranging things

I love seeing order in things especially stripes

I work by taking photographs then abstracting them to colour and shapes as appropriate

Look for texture of wool/yarn and structure – that would best represent the shapes and feelings I want to get over ….space peace joy solitude

Part 3 – Content

What do you care about?

My passion – colour, form and rhythm

I realize that is what I was doing when designing and hanging exhibitions, organizing exhibitions, designing gardens, weaving rugs, and now I guess tapestry

I am not sure how this works

But when working of even gardening I would concentrate and finish the design or project.

With weaving – tapestry I nearly always let things divert me whether its family life, social life, new ways of creating. I think I am afraid that my weaving will not be as good as I hope it will be and I will fail in my own eyes – so don’t do as much as I should

However I know when alignment set in I could be up all night