Kara B.

I wasborn and raised in Denver, Colorado by music teachers. I grew up immersed in music, playing piano, clarinet, bassoon, percussion and handbells for bands and orchestras. When I needed a break from music, I enjoyed reading science fiction; nature, learning to identify all the the wildflowers the Colorado mountains had to offer in the summer. When it came time for college, I wanted to see more of the country and continue to learn about plants, so I moved to Ohio to pursue studies in botany and music. From college, I entered graduate school in Biology and that was where my love of quilting started. Ironically, my studies surrounded cotton fiber development but fairly early on, I realized that the area of research I was in wasn’t for me and I took up quilting. I also met my husband in graduate school, who was instrumental in encouraging me to buy my first sewing machine. When we finished our studies, we moved to California and Arizona, I became a science teacher and we had two boys. We have now returned to Colorado and are both teaching science and raising our boys to be creative as possible.


I love traditional quilting techniques – hand applique, piecing, and quilting; but am constantly pushing myself to try new techniques. I am now branching into machine quilting, art quilting, designing my own quilts and hand-dying fabric.  I mull ideas over for a long time and then get started on them, but the biggest thing is that I never stop learning. I search out new techniques because often ideas I’m mulling over are not progressing because I need a different way to make them and once I find the right technique, I’m off and running.


My passion surrounds nature and exploration. I love spending hours in natural areas looking at the amazing diversity around us. I focus on landscapes and plants, but birds, butterflies and dragonflies come a close second. Exploring new areas, learning about new things and sharing what I have learned with others keeps me inspired.