Sue Anne S.

My early world was very restrictive and different from my friends.  Once I was able to lose the bonds of “be like this” and be myself I let randomness and reinvention take control.  I learned to love change.  I tried new things, moved whenever I could and put all I experienced into my handwork of one variation or another.

Fiber interlacements ruled my creative process for decades.  The love of color providing endless enjoyment in the intermingling of luxury fibers into useful garments sold as gentle hugs for the wearer.

Now color still rules, randomness takes place in new materials and change is in the wind.  Seeing the world as a place of abandonment and loss, I see the cutting up and putting back together as a wayto create a new sense of well-being.   When time and process are adjusted, there will be reinvention for the fiber grids I love and new directions taken.  That the end is obscured from view now, ok, it’s the path that matters.  Maybe my efforts will in some way resonate with others.