Christy G.

Part 1 History

I grew up in the country on an acre that provided land for our large garden, barn for chickens and various 4H animals (all of which made their way to our table) and trees for climbing and reading. I went to Bowling Green State University in a college town set in a rural environment. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Interior Design. After graduation, I moved to Cleveland, working many years in the interiors field. 

I learned to sew from my mother, initially for 4H projects, making clothes including my senior prom dress. As an adult, I explored art making.  My mom took me to see Quilt National and all of a sudden everything clicked.  I could make art and use my sewing skills.  From that point forward, I worked primarily with fabrics to create my art pieces.

My current professional role combines my advocation with my vocation. The art consulting business is a great fit for me; I am able to marry my skills from years of project management and design with sourcing the right artwork for clients. I love the large scale projects that have my brain working on left brained and right brained activities throughout the day.

My husband and I have been married nearly 18 years and we have a nearly 14 year old daughter.  His support and having one child has really allowed me to have the time to grow a business and explore my creativity.  We live on the west side of Cleveland and are an active family.   My pursuits include trail running, yoga and paddleboarding. I try to get out on Lake Erie as often as I can. I find it to be meditative with the weather conditions, changing light from season to season and the water patterns that I observe on the water.

Part 2 Process

I use location as a starting point for geographic map imagery.  I source plant images, outlines or shadows. Hand dyeing is a summer process that creates my palette to work from though the year. Working with my hand dyed fabrics, I select a color palette and use iron on fusible web for my imagery.  I hand cut the shapes out and arrange the objects, then quilting before finishing the edges. I love the meditative aspects of the hand cutting and the more intuitive or unplanned aspects of layering the imagery.

Part 3 Content

I care about land use and the impact that water tables, development and fracking has on the places we live and grow our food.  I am interested in maps, how space and land is organized and the natural vs. built environments.  I like to work with bold colors and clean lines to create work that is beautiful yet conveys the seriousness of the subject matter.