Sarah S.


I have never before considered myself a competitive person in any way, but as I look back that seems to be a theme which has followed me through many of my experiences. 

Looking back, there has always been a tendency to set my sights on something and work hard to get there, firstly the local Girls Grammar Schoolwhich I then found a suffocatingly competitive environment... However, I kept my head down, got my qualifications and went to university to study English Literature. During a stressful time, my mum bought me a tapestry kit and I found that incredibly therapeutic.  After graduating I joined the BBC after working for 6 months for no pay which led to my dream job on a fashion programme. This was the start of an (again very competitive) career in TV for 14 years. 

When pregnant with my first son, I was very happy to be able to take voluntary redundancy and straight away found yoga which, combined with motherhood totally changed my way of life and thinking. 

When I was 8, a school teacher wrote in my book 'don't fly through life so fast you forget to smell the flowers..' Yes it was a cliche, but it touched me even as a child, then as I grew up I got too busy to heed it!  Now with children, I'm still busy (different busy),  but managing to find the time to slow down and appreciate what I have. 


Ha ha, anything and everything!  I'm loving learning different techniques, if I can find it on YouTube, I'll have a go at it!  I love the way colour makes me feel, love the serendipity of dyeing and also printing fabric. I also love hand sewing, again it's probably about the slowing down. 


I sometimes listen to the BBC Radio 2 morning show in the car.  One of their jingles says:  ''Welcome to another day here on Planet Earth...'    It never fails to make me smile inside or if I'm having a crappy day, stop, think and get things into some perspective.  Wow, here I am, I've been given another day on Planet Earth, what a privilege.

This is where I want to be with my art.  I'm not naive, I know terrible things are happening all over the world, but if we can, if we are lucky enough, its an amazing thing to stop and be grateful for where we are every once in a while.  I would love to create art which gives people that pause in their day.  

I've included this which is my first ever fabric picture which I've made this week. There are a million things wrong with it, but I think it sort of shows where I'm heading...