Jamila I.

I have always enjoyed working with textiles, and after a busy and fulfilling professional life I had the unexpected opportunity a few years ago to put much more time and effort into the creative side of my life. I now have a clear vision of what I want to do and achieve on my journey of creative and spiritual development. I feel sure that the proactive linking of the creative and spiritual elements of my journey will prove to be very interesting, and so I’m capturing as much as I can in real time, in an ever-expanding set of sketch/work books, with a possible view to writing this up more formally in due course, perhaps linked to an exhibition of the related body of work when I have it.

I love colour, layers and textures and am becoming increasingly keen on constructing my own cloth, and so am always looking for ways to combine these elements through hand and machine stitching, weaving, and also through an exploration of combining weave and stitch together. I dye many of my own threads and yarns, and use various techniques for dyeing cloth.

My main sources of inspiration are the Islamic Garden, with its associated links to personal and private space and as a haven from the rigours of the wider world, and the stitched and woven textiles of Central Asia, in particular. Within these inspiration sources I have dozens of topics just waiting to be developed into series, starting now with the beautiful turquoises, blues and neutrals of Central Asian tiles and bricks. I am currently developing my own little Islamic garden which will provide both a lovely haven and also primary sources of flowers and plants for further study. I am also fortunate to be constantly inspired, motivated and supported by a small group of wonderful kindred spirits.