Randi W.

    Working with my hands and making things has always been important to me.   I remember in high school getting up an hour early every day for zero period so that I could take Home Arts where I was taught how to sew, knit, crochet and embroider.  As an adult I took a watercolor class and I fell in love with that too, enchanted by the beautiful way the paint charged into the water and created beautiful layers of color.

    For many years I was primarily a watercolor artist, painting intuitively and somewhat abstractly.  For the last few years I have found my interests changing. Trying to manage stress I took a class in mindfulness and I began to practice mindfulness daily. This practice began informing my art and I started paying close attention to what was around me. I also started keeping sketchbooks where I drew and then painted everything from the flowers and rocks in my garden, the brussel sprouts I had for lunch or the junk from my junk drawer in the kitchen.  At the same time I fell back in love with fiber arts. Now I find my watercolor journal is mindfully informing my other work, acting as a source of inspiration for my fiber art pieces using fabric collage, felting, stitching and mixed media to express my artistic vision in art quilts and other fiber art pieces.

    I used to think I had to choose between painting and fiber arts but I found I could not choose. So I have given myself permission to love it all!  I find ways to integrate painting and fiber art, letting each one inform and inspire my artistic expression in different ways.  I hope my art inspires mindfulness in others and helps them to see the world around them in new ways.