Janis D.

Janis has been involved with some form of art or craft for most of her life – particularly drawing, painting, clay, sculpture, fiber and photography. At Cape Cod Community College she took every art class they offered. In San Francisco, she was enrolled in the Interior Design/Interior Architecture Program at UC, Berkeley, SF, where she became enthralled with surface design. 

Upon returning to Cape Cod, she was a polymer clay artist, which eventually gave way to a career as a painter of furniture and creative painted treatments of interiors. While recuperating from a string of surgeries, she taught herself relief printing, which lead to her learning numerous forms of printmaking, a medium which has held her interest now for many years.  Currently, Janis primarily prints, paints and dyes textiles and often combines it with photography to create fabric collages.

Nature is often her subject of choice. She sometimes tries to evoke a response that inspires the viewer to preserve our precious natural resources. Usually, she’s simply immersed in the creative and investigative process of making art.