Robin F.

I am Canadian & was born in Manitoba. We live there for a very short time before moving to Vancouver BC, where my two brothers &  two sisters were born. My Father rejoined the Canadian Air Force when I was seven, he was transferred to Goose Bay Labrador where we lived for the next 2 1/2 years. We moved back to Manitoba for 3 more years & then to Southern Ontario for 3 years. The next move was to Manitoba again & by this time I was a teenager. Despite all the moving around my growing up years were filled with lots offamily time. We did not have much money but we always had fun. My mother sewed clothes for the girls but I was the only one of the girls who picked up the sewing bug.

I did not do well at high school, except for socially, my parents arranged for me to live on the west coast with an aunt & uncle & their 4 children where I took a hairdressing course. I went back to the prairies when my course was finished, got a job, lived at home. I met my husband when I was nineteen, we were married & still are. We moved to Winnipeg as he was a pilot in the Air Force. Two years later he got out of the military & joined a commercial airline, moving us to Vancouver,BC. Four years after that we moved to Southern Ontario for better working conditions for him. Both our sons were born in Ontario where we lived for almost nine years. I got my real estate license while we were here.

We moved back to the Vancouver in 1979 & have lived in the same house for the last 36 years. I had a small weaving business in the eighties while we were raising our boys. I made jackets & vests, dyed some of the fibre for those. From my early 20’s to now textiles have been a part of my life.

The airline business was precarious in the late 80’s & early nineties, so from a volunteer position I got a job as the Lifeline coordinator, at our local hospital.

Our sons are both grown up now, our oldest son lives outside of Toronto with his wife & our two wonderful grandsons. Our youngest son lives the single life in Vancouver.


I hand dye 95% of the fabric I use, it mostly cotton but I also use linen & silk. I turn our small greenhouse into a dye shed in the summer. I use procion MX, it is a very meditative process for me. The images I use come from photos I have taken or from some doodles I have drawn. I use a projector to make the pattern which is machine appliquéd to a background. Free motion quilting is a finish that I use always. For me it is the icing on the cake.


I care about making good art. I like it to please me. Colour is very important as is good design. I do my art for pure pleasure & sometimes wonder if it too frivolous but as Ihave moved along through this course I have come to the realization that what I do is making my world a more pleasant place to be in & it gives me deep satisfaction.