Christine E.

My early life was full of changes; many moves, a new country, many schools, friends and family left behind. In these years I learned to embrace change, the one constant in my life. While change can be unwelcome and difficult at times, it also presents opportunities for growth and learning. When life became calmer I sought out these opportunities and became committed to lifelong learning. 

While my career allowed for creativity of a sort, and lots of learning, it was constrained by corporate needs. So, for me, my private creative pursuits became a freedom that I cherished over the years.  I've drawn, painted, embroidered, crocheted, stitched and made pottery. I've filled books with poetry and writing. 

The ways of transforming materials and ideas into new shapes and forms has infinite variety. My creative process involves nurturing an idea from a seed of thought, watching it grow and take form and then, suddenly, it's out of control and chaotic, giving rise to more ideas and variations. Harvesting this chaos to produce results is, for me, the most challenging and important part of creating.  I love this process, the transformation from one form to another, the surprises along the way. Textiles are a relatively new medium for me, which means I am learning a lot, and that makes me happy.  Working with fabric tends to generate tiny scraps and trimmings which I like to work with, placing them like bits of paint, to create the images and texture that I want. 

My subject matter varies but is always colourful.  I find inspiration in the natural world, family and hiking trips to other parts of the world. I take lots of photographs and never really know what will capture my attention next. Some of my work is about the transformation - can I create this effect with fabric? Some of it is about making small things visible, larger than life and full of colour. In my wall art I am trying to capture a moment of beauty and joy before it is gone, carried away and transformed into something else. I also enjoy taking the experiments and failures of creating and changing them into something functional and beautiful such as bags, book covers, and lap quilts.