Nancy N.

The theme Nature runs through my work. I grew up with the delightful freedom to explore rural areas on my own. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think about the trees along a wild stream deep in the forest.

I’ve lived near Rio Del Mar beach for more than 30 years and have photographed it in all weather. Some of my favorite photographs are of flotsam on sand. The ocean washes all sorts of objects onto the sand and arranges them beautifully. Flotsam photos inspired my series called Sea Creations. A second series called Tide Pools was inspired by the abundance of life found in the tide pools at Natural Bridges beach.

I next worked on a series of nests inspired by my admiration for birds. I am inspired to create hanging nests similar to those built by bushtits, orioles, and others. I attempt to mimic the shape of a pendulous nest using knotless netting and weaving in found objects such as dried leaves, shells, silkworm casings. The result is a magical nest reminiscent of a live bird’s nest, but with fanciful creative additions. 

I love the many photos I have taken in my travels and a new quest is to print them on silk and embroider over the image. A second technique I am exploring takes me back to my early efforts of appliqué. This time I’m mapping places I know and including my own photos. I’m using many fabrics, along with paint and stitching.

When I think of fiber art, two things rise to the top: the texture, knowing it by touching it, and the three-dimensional form of each piece, again the ability to feel the shape and the layers by touching. Fiber art requires the laying on of hands. It is sad to think that when displayed in a gallery it becomes untouchable.

My goal is not the finished piece. It is the process, the learning, the chase. Color and pattern enchant me. Texture is sensual. The challenge drives me.