Lynne P.

Part 2

I’ve always been a creative person.  I made my own clothes from age 13, drew family pet portraits, painted when I had time.  I made all our home furnishings when I got married.  I didn’t really like making curtains and suite covers, but loved the planning, the colour schemes, I just didn’t like the precise cutting and stitching.

In my 30’s and 40’s I tried every craft going, from plasticraft to pokerwork.  Then in my 50’s I starting making soft toys and Christmas Stockings for charity.  I loved making the Christmas Stockings.  Each one had a scene painted on, and then they were decorated with embroidery and lace.  That was the turning point.

I enrolled in C&G creative studies, spending five glorious years exploring the world of creative textiles.  I joined a textile exhibiting group but after a few years I realised I wanted to go on my own.  I enrolled in a 2 year Fine Art course and realised that I love learning, love pushing myself onto the next stage of the journey.  I’ve since completed many workshops and courses.

My process is layering, I want to build up the history of a piece in layers.  Layers of colour,  layers of light and dark, layers of history.  I use lots of different media, but the layering process is it for me.   In the last year, expressionism has become very important in my work, I want the viewer to FEEL the piece.  I work on several pieces at the same time, allowing space to think about each piece.

My passion is the land.  I live on the coast, near moorland, and forest, it’s all wonderful.  Pathways through the landscape, walking, observing, collecting, absorbing translating.  My work is about ‘a sense of place’ in that I want to capture a place with all of the senses.

Kurt Jackson writes on his work things like ‘cold day, blackbird singing’ or ‘gorse smells strong, grass rustling’. Perfect.  I have a dread of copying others work, but I am getting more and more wanting to write on my work in a similar way. I also want to including the photographs I take, and the things I collect; driftwood, shells, leaves, so that the place and the pieces are linked.