Pam L.

As a child, my earliest memories of the joy of free play was climbing on the granite rocks on the New Hampshire coastline, with a family friend, all day, each day, while we vacationed each summer at a cottage by the beach. And stitching: my grandmother allowing me totally free play with colorful strips on her rug hooking loom, sleeping under my great aunts' hand-pieced quilts, and the love of knitting - and much later, the ecstatic freedom of crochet.  I always felt a kindred spirit with "makers", and for years I volunteered at the Sunapee Craftmen's Fair, to be enveloped in fine art and craft.

But as I grew older, I become aware that my freedom, the freedom to make my own choices, had been taken.  College out of state, and a career choice in public health nursing - to break away from the rigid and controlling force of nature back at home. I ventured out into the world to care for underserved populations, and later, after a divorce, a totally different direction into corporate research and business management, and high level project management. It was not until much later that I realized how the " just get it done" ethic had snuffed out my ability to improvise and evolve in my fiber work.

22 years later, a corporate layoff: a chance to recreate my life, to be to make my own choices, while there was still Time!  I now live by the ocean again, living small, a choice to care for my remaining parent, a role reversal, and a forgiveness. 

With freedom to choose once again, and exploring new-to-me tools of self-expression (sketching, painting, picking up guitar again), I now work with paper, fabric, paint, my photos, and collage, to in order pry myself open. Learning to make new textures. To compose with methods that are also easier to my hands, is vital, both as a body worker and an artist.

I am drawn to the beauty and the stillness  of the "moment"; the emotions and the fluid lines and shapes of nature: shifting sands, ocean waves, color in magical changing skies, grasses moving in the breeze. Finding the part of me that is also one with the rhythms of the earth.