Lynne P.

I haven’t been commenting on the last few lessons, partly because I am falling way behind after being away twice in the last three weeks, I’m still working on lessons 6, 7 & 8.

I really wanted to say it’s not because I’m not doing the course but that the course has been an epiphany for me, and I WANT to work on these lessons as much as I can.

I have struggled through the revelations about myself that this course has uncovered.  Since Lesson 5 I have been working on my creative work at least three or four days a week which is marvellous.  Before Christmas I couldn’t work at all.

I have also learned how to look forward, to have an aim, and to have pride in my work instead of always beating myself up about it. I’ve learned that if I don’t plan to work, then it’s more difficult to get into the studio.  I’ve also learned that I have worth, and that my work has worth; something I have always had problems with.

Week 8 is fascinating, and week 9 looks as good.  I will just keep ploughing on, reading the posts, and working on the lessons as and when I can.

I just wanted to say thank you.