Jackie K.

The last couple of weeks have been quite hard going domestically with a very serious medical diagnosis in a close relative. So I feel v tired emotionally and it is hard to be very developmentally creative. But what I have thought about this morning is how the work we have done over the last few weeks have helped.

My rebel ensures I still find some time to get into my sewing room and my internal committee does not stop me and say I should be doing things for others – indeed I know I MUST find a bit of time for this as it makes me more robust for the other things. But I also know that it does not matter if I don’t have a grand plan when I go in to the studio for what I will do – just being there is the key and I can tidy or potter and see where it takes me.

Thinking about what I am good at and what I like doing has highlighted that as well as the more creative development I just enjoy stitching – especially free motion – and digitised embroidery – and also making things for others. Creatively I really like taking these things in usual directions but in the background of more creative stuff I often quilt up Linus quilts (for those who do not know these are quilts for sick children) to pass to a friend who is Linus rep. So when I am tired or just want something simple for my brain to do this is what I tackle. And remember a few weeks ago we talked about clearing out things and I had that bag of old denim – well with my friend we thought I could cut up bit of those old jeans and stitch embroideries on (of cars – ones I bought for my son when he was small) and they can be made into fun children’s quilts.

So when my brain has been too tired I have been able to just be in the studio, set up my machine and get some stitching going. Sometimes I have not done much else but it has helped me relax and with that sometimes the energy to pick up more creatively has come. And I know that is OK – I just have to be there and go with things – no need to angst about making something more meaningful which will come at the right moment.