Debbie E.

I read this chapter and felt a physical blow when I thought about looking back at my history. I keep positive and move forward putting everything into running, friends, family and my art that I can see I don't let go of my emotions and I couldn't even write anything down for a week.

I have written my history now, born in the 60's one of three girls, all so very different. Mum was such a fun and outgoing lovely mum everyone loved her and losing her when she was 62 was unbearable. Met my lovely hubby at 26 who is a scientist and musician and is extremely supportive of my work, I had cancer at 29 and we couldn't have children but have spend so much time with my 9 nieces and nephews. When I was in hospital I was given a cross stitch kit and this started me sewing, and what an amazing journey this has been.

I love running it is a release for me and time to think and look at the world and changes in seasons.

I have written so much down and can also see some work through writing some of my life's experiences down rather than keeping it locked inside my brain, it has also made me realise how much I love music and this is a big part of my life.

For processes I love learning different techniques, probably trying to do too many instead of mastering a few! I love mixing dyes and using my hands on the fabric to create it different ways and waiting for the exciting end result. I get the urge where I just want to sew on my machine.

I do work in a few projects at once and have lately been finishing quilts or fabric and this feels good.

I care about family, friends, walking, running, creating, nature, music and all crafts and people.