Susan S.

This turned out to take much longer than I had anticipated, and at present it feels very unbalanced.  A lot of thoughts about negative aspects of my education and background kept coming to the surface in the biographical part which I felt was long and rambling….maybe it was a cleansing process.  I realized how much I have had to struggle with being told that I am not good enough, my work is not good enough, I do not do enough, and I will not get X done.  I rarely feel supported especially by my family.  I felt as though everything I want to accomplish has been an uphill battle, struggling against the negativity without a supportive “community” in many cases.  I feel that I have still not found my community.

The three sections were very unbalanced in terms of length.  The biography was long and rambling, but the Process and Content sections were short.  I am also not sure howand where to incorporate that I consider myself a good teacher, and I work in the hope of broadening my teaching base.  I am not sure if it is biographical or content-oriented….creating samples to teach others.