Michele K.

I am French, born a few years after the war. I had a happy childhood until the death of my father when I was 11. I used to play with material and to disguise myself. I always loved making things and reading
After my classical studies, I worked as a teacher, then as a librarian. I married with an Irishman. We have had 4 children and have been very happy together. He died 9 years ago. I am now retired and living in a beautiful area of the west of France called Brittany, a Celtic land.

Through all my life, I have never stopped working with material, making "useless" stuff or sewing garments. I love working with my hands.

I used to work very spontaneously but little by little went to more preparation in what I do. I collect pictures, take photographs according to a theme and try to make a few drawings before I engage working with material. I often make lots of trials before I feel I am on the right track. I dye my material and am very interested with the associations of colours, trying to translate atmosphere through them.

Layers, pleats and overlaps are often used in my work.

I am inspired by the landscapes around me and the Irish landscapes. Seashore, rocks, stone walls, rain. What is monotonous for some people is seen as subtil for me. I like to spot and valorise the nuances.
At the moment, I like working with the shades of yellow, green, grey, purple and white.