Barbara D.


Fabric and fibers surrounded my early life in Oregon.  My mother taught me, perhaps without even realizing, that there was a peacefulness and quiet pleasure found while sewing and knitting.  I learned this early and fabric has been a constant part of my life – even as I moved to Wyoming to start my own family and finally, as I circled back in Oregon to re-create myself later.  I’m an outdoor person at heart however; the satisfaction of creating my artwork during the cold winter months gives me a growing sense of satisfaction and a desire to enhance it going forward.  I’m a wife, a mother and grandmother, a friend.  As I get closer to retirement, I believe producing art will be a strong component of the next phase of my life.


Many times, it’s a challenge for me to begin a project, however; once I get going they seem to develop and I try to be mindful in allowing that evolution to occur.  I admire those who can translate their mental vision EASILY into a finished piece.   I have no formal training in the arts hence; I realize my confidence wanes from time to time.  I’ve absorbed skills and developed my talents – step by step - through taking classes – by reading books and watching others.  I work abstractly for the most part, using a deep color palette with strong lines.  I primarily use hand dyed fabrics as I find my own fabric bestows a unique quality to each one.  I make an effort to create pieces, which have balance in their composition and are visually pleasing. 


In deciding what is important to me and then, what I want to convey through my art, I must say it’s BALANCE and variety.  I strive for them in my life and have the sense of making those elements go from my mind … through my fingertips and into my work … it’s just not quite that simple !  On a personal note, I strive to add grace, balance and vitality to my world and those around me.  If someone looks at one of my pieces and sees even one of those elements, then I will have succeeded.