Susan S.


Although my academic training is in music composition and business administration, fiber arts has been my avocation as far back as I can remember.  I have a needlepoint that I made when I was 5 or 6, and in primary school I was encouraged to knit gifts for my teachers.  I discovered quilting in 1982 and have become passionate about it.  As a lifelong learner,  I have been fortunate enoughto take workshops from many teachers, and have undertaken a City and Guilds Level 3 certificate in Patchwork and Quilting.  I was raised with a philosophy of setting high standards for my work, and this carries over into my quilting.


It takes me a while to get going on a piece.  I usually think about it while walking or cycling, hoping for a spark of inspiration.  Sometimes I will think about places I have visited, or look at photographs that I have taken to get some inspiration.  I then develop a verbal description of my vision, as I am much more comfortable with words than with drawing.  If I am creating something representational I will try to find a photo that I have taken of a building or scene, and then trace it to get a line drawing. I use a variety of techniques depending on what is best-suited for the design.  I add elements such as machine embroidery, decorative machine stitching, couching, painting, and photo transfers to further enhance the quilt.  Most of my work is created using a domestic sewing machine.  I enjoy teaching others about patchwork, quilting, and sewing.


The subjects of most of my wallhangings are based on landscapes, nature and buildings.  I enjoy portraying the attractive and interesting in the world around us, especially works inspired by places I have visited. I also enjoy creating works with a Judaic theme.  My work often includes lettering and words.  I enjoy working with strong colors and striking images----there is very little pastel in my work.  Much of my work is small, although it is not “miniature”. .  I have been creating 15” square quilts the last three years as part of a group called Fifteen by Fifteen. The group has exhibited its work in France, the Netherlands and Taiwan.  I also enjoy designing mailable fabric postcards. My largest pieces are about 36” square.