Julia J.

As far back as I can remember I was encouraged to try new things. It didn’t matter if it was: food, a craft, hobby, sport, an instrument…anything! My parents were firm believers that I needed to experiment, learn, figure out how things work.  “How will you know what you like or what you’re good at unless you try?” We didn’t have to master whatever that flavor happened to be at the time. We simply had to do the best we could and not quit. Now wife to a fabulous man of 8 years, mother of four and a grandma I still find myself doing the same thing. I love to experiment, figure out how things work and to teach & encourage others to be brave enough to do the same. 

Having this diverse ‘experimentation’ background I’ve worked in many fields andwith many mediums. I have found my passion in the fiber art world where I get to create pieces using my own hand dyed, painted and printed fabrics utilizing a multitude of techniques.      

My current work focuses on the vast industry of the railroad system. With a large spectrum of experience to draw from, I used to build model railways with my father, and my love for the outdoors, grandparents stories, people and places that have withstood time I find this series to be a natural fascinating choice. I most appreciate the subtle diversity in my textile work and find this topic to challenge me.