Jane M.

I always loved making things, and I wanted to know how things worked. I studied at university and became a successful professional engineer/ manager. My job was highly innovative, solving problems, and working in teams. I always knitted, sewed and made things, and got lots of pleasure out of creating things. I am a keen walker and cyclist.

After our daughters left home, my husband and I moved to live and work in the Netherlands. Here I was introduced to felting and my passion was ignited. I studied on line and via workshops and felting literally took over my life.

I love wool, it is such a wondrous natural material. You can make exquisite textures with felted wool and other fabrics. I think see things differently than many other people. I am an experimenter and an innovator crossing over techniques and ideas. So now I combine my love affair with wool with abstract interpretations of the real natural world.

I have had for years an interest in old industry. How it worked, compared today and how it disintegrates with time and becomes almost invisible. Where I live now was the start of the U.K. Chemical and steel industries and in the 16th century the start of the Alum industry. The first chemical industry in the UK. These once dirty dangerous and smelly sites are now almost invisible: the countryside has reclaimed the shape changed land.

For centuries Alum was an essential ingredient in natural wool dying, which was fundamental to the wool industry, which was critical to the UK economy. Today there is a huge resurgence in natural dyeing. My passion is to interpret our beautiful yet exploited local countryside hiding it's secrets of the long ago alum industry and the memories of its industrial past, using natural fibres, felting and dyeing.