Sue K.

This was a very interesting process, to edit from 1000 words to less than 500. It took me several sessions. The most interesting part of it was looking back at the original and seeing what I left out of the final version. This felt very much like the decisions I have been making recently in my home, going through many years of accumulated possessions and getting rid of lots of things that had been with me for decades. It feels good. I think however, that I will need to revisit it from time to time as I evolve as an artist.


I am a native Californian, living now in Sonoma County. I was the eldest of three children, each of whom was creative in our own way. Our parents encouraged us to pursue our dreams. I have been interested in textiles since I learned to sew at an early age. I have never lost my love of sewing and making things. I have been married for 45 years and we raised a wonderful daughter and son. I had a long career in local government engineering, from which I have recently retired. Through the busy years of working and raising kids, there was seldom time or space for me to focus on making. Still, I did it where and when I could. I am excited to be at a point in my life where I can indulge my passion.


I am an improvisor. I am willing to try and fail. I often abandon a project that isn’t working and just move on. I love fabrics and have a large collection which is very eclectic. In making art I love to explore. I look for unusual combinations. I like to juxtapose old and new. I use antique sewing machines to make modern art quilts; my camera and computer are indispensable, and I like using heat tools. The processes I use consistently include piecing and quilting, mono-printing, thread sketching, collage, fused raw edge appliqué, photography, various methods of image transfer to cloth. I like beading and embroidery and do some hand-quilting. I am always looking for more ways to color and embellish fabrics, using dyes, paints, prints, stamps and stencils, and found items.


My style and content are also eclectic. I favor abstraction over realism in my work, but not exclusively. My art expresses my wonder and delight with life, particularly in my visual experience. I celebrate colors, patterns, shapes and textures. I am always inspired by the natural world, but also have a fascination for the constructs of man--language and humor, history and science, mathematics and machinery and the built environment.