Maria S.

Following is the revised version of my statement.  I had to make a few decisions and hope to commit to them.  Well, at least for the time being.

Born in the US, I studied art in college for a year before changing to Accounting, which I saw as much safer and dependable.  After a few years of work and meeting my Swiss husband, I moved to Switzerland.  We had four children as I began to draw, paint and work more with textiles.  I found that my love of creating filled the loneliness of living in a foreign country.  Between work and family, I lead a very busy life, but my art has remained something I can’t live without.

I love to draw and paint in my sketchbook.  I love to translate my drawings into textures and textile works.  My current interest is usually a dynamic thing.  I often have a painting and a textile work in process concurrently.  The two complement each other.  And sometimes a third process (collage, paper or bookbinding perhaps) may come into play.  Deadlines for an exhibition motivate me to make decisions and finish up one project or another.

People are scary and unpredictable, emotions everywhere.  Interactions and relationships can be very rewarding but also upsetting.  I have been working through the portrait and emotion for the last few years.  The circle of life with its various stages, the many issues women have in society and the problems we all have to deal with as characterized by each one of us are all very important to me.