Darlynn E.


    I can’t ever remember not having a fondness for fabric. I would sit by my mother’s sewing machine and watch her create beautiful clothes for myself and two sisters. When I was about nine she bought me my own Singer toy machine and my creative juices started flowing. As I grew up and went to college I took my machine with me and designed all my own clothes. After I graduated I married, had three daughters and continued to sewchildren’s clothes and home decorating projects. When I was pregnant with my last daughter my husband became ill and passed away. I was able to go back to teaching and put my creative sewing projects away. Twenty five years later I retired and once again took up my love affair with fabric. Only this time my new passion was designing art quilts.  I feel like I have come full circle. 


    Working abstractly and creating my own designs is my favorite way to work. I like collaging, layering, and fusible applique more than I like piecing. My ideas usually come from something I have seen, a book I’ve read, or a class I have taken. I spend a great deal of time thinking about what I am going to do next. Sometimes this translates into drawing and sketching first, and sometimes I just begin cutting and creating on the Design Wall. Either way I seem to know when I have it right. 


    I’ve taken many classes and tried many different processes because I love learning new techniques. My focus has settled into dyeing my own fabric and working in abstract designs. As I was not an art major and did not have the basic background in the elements of design, I find myself focusing on the different elements in pieces I create. Some of it is instinctive and some of it isn’t. It thrills me when I create a piece that is both visually aesthetic and balanced in all the elements.