Ann K.

I've been thinking about the reading material every day, yet not making time to write this. I think I'm trying to avoid this work because it's really hard for me to pin down an artist's statement, but there's a couple things I've been ruminating on:

-- I keep identifying with the word "polymath" because I have so many hobbies and interests. Math, computer programming, dance, sociology, animal welfare, feminism, art, fashion, nature... the good thing is I never get bored.

-- I need to narrow down my interests, even if only in a temporal sense, so that I can focus and finish all the projects I have in motion. Maybe I'll just pick a two or three things to prioritize for a given month. For instance, in September, I can focus on working on my aerial performance and taking my physical therapy more seriously. I can still work on fabrics and makeup things here and there, but I should just rotate where I focus so I can dive deep in a particular project. I want to be able to finish projects and I can burn myself out if I take on too much.

This weekend I made sure to take some me time. I struck a couple of events (figure drawing) from my calendar and enjoyed a nice swim at the pool. It felt good to just be free to do what I want without worrying about schedules. And there may come a time where I want to make figure drawing my priority. So I'll just pick a few things and try to do them well rather than chasing everything.