Linda E. - Statement Rewrite


I have had the good fortune of having close friends and family surrounding me my entire life. These relationships have taught me to value connections in life and to appreciate what is right in front of me.  Being present and open to see the richness in life.  My art work focuses on close-ups of flowers, nature (salmon, trees) things that bring me happiness and joy when I experience them or see them, things that I have respect for, am in awe of, things that I value and appreciate.


I started my work in fabric with a quilting lens. I have loved collecting scraps of fabric and recycling natural fibres from clothing. I have incorporated these fabrics into my work and have also changed them by using printmaking methods and free motion machine and hand stitching, which I love to do.

Presently, I love starting from scratch. I use white silk or cotton and build the fabric up with colour,images and texture.  Stitching these pieces creates a tension and relationship.  Texture is also an important element for me, making my pieces tactile and intriguing


Recognizing connections and interface is important to me.  These connections can be with other people( family, friends, strangers, groups) or with the natural environment. Appreciating and acknowledging interactions allows us to see our similarities and our connections. My art work usually shows something close-up and the elements included are there to acknowledge relationship. The importance of the individual to the whole. Salmon, Trees, Water, Flowers are all subjects I love  to highlight, all an important part of the connected whole of life.