Deb K.

Oh my, I have learned so much!  And, this has been such hard work, but so very rewarding.  I don't know if this is my final draft, but this is where I'm at right now:

I am fortunate, and at the risk of sounding trite, I learned early on that making all of life a work of art is essential to happiness.   Many thanks go to my family, and friends….they taught me to plant a garden, to sew and embroider, to cook, and to make things with abandon and passion, along with many other life skills.  My dad taught me to look at challenges as opportunities, to have faith in myself.  I am happiest when reading and learning, solving a problem, making order out of chaos,  challenging myself with big projects, and paying attention to the details.  My husband and I live an artistic and project driven life together, and enjoy helping and supporting each other.  And now, with our three biggest projects grown and living their own life, I have more freedom and time to seriously pursue artistic interests. 

My process always starts with a question.   Can I improve my skill?  Can I translate my photograph into an interesting piece of art?  Can I memorialize a moment in time?  Can I make the colors sing?  Can I improve on the last artwork?   Can I make something for a certain person that will brighten their days?  I may work with fabric and thread, with stained glass and other mosaic tesserae, or I may decide to paint (usually with watercolors).  Sometimes, all three of these mediums comingle together.  As I work away at the details of solving the “puzzle”, and all is going well, serendipity intercedes.  I find peace and joy in the process, I learn something, and I’m given back everything I put into it and more. 

In the end, each piece I finish focuses on one or more of the following themes:  celebrating God’s creation, celebrating everyday life, or expressing my values and lessons I’ve learned.  My hope is that the art I make contagiously exudes the thought, love and joy that I put into it.