Mirjam A.


My formative years I spend in Europe The Netherland and France where I attended schools that supported the arts like painting, woodworks, ceramics, dance and textiles.  During these years, adventure in learning about the arts exposed me to different cultural expressions within the art world.  Communicating with people in foreign languages intrigued me; I later formalized these languages at university in Australia.  Migration to New Zealand and Australia has broadened my interest in art where I attended a Textile course in wool, weaving and design followed by various courses in contemporary textile art with an ever-increasing desire to aim for perfection. 


Colour, form, texture, line, various fibers like silk, cotton, paper or manmade fiber are the materials of my art form.  My endeavor to experiment with different mediums has resulted in an in-depth understanding of techniques used.

I include my photography and drawings as part of my screen-printing while my other techniques like mono printing, dying fabric in various ways, paper polishing onto fabric, reverse printing, layering silk organza creating intrigue and allow subtle changes in the work or convey hidden meaning/message finding a way to express my intention. 

I only use a hand full of techniques in comparison to what I have learned over time.


 My work often relates to people, their environment and what motivates the emotions based on cultural influences.  Every day life, nature or symbolism may play a part in my work, seeking beauty, balance, colour that grows with a continuous interest in expressing this in a contemporary textile art form.  Textile surface design allows my inner voice to have an outward expression.