Linda E.

Lots of stories and memories this past week as I explored my personal history. Even some synchronicity at work as conversations and being somewhere and watching kids playing  and memories flooding by. The coolest was yesterday morning when reviewing my history where I had written that I used to go to the De Young Museum as a teenager and look for my favorite painting and stand there and daydream. I was remembering the painting- a scene with mountains, lots of green trees and water in the foreground and a beautiful rainbow across the mountains. I was sitting on the ferry in my car and looked up and just then, as crossing the water- I saw a huge rainbow against the green mountains! Something inside said, I am where I'm supposed to be. It was beautiful.

I am one of the lucky ones in life, I have been brought up surrounded by love- lots of family and great friends. All my stories had family and friends, the thread as well as a strong art interest at every age interval. As a child collecting stamps, the journey to old stamp collector stores to select new ones, going to plays downtown ( with extended family ) on special occasions, life drawing with neighbor who was an artist(and dentist) as a teenager, taking a special quilting class in high school,

swimming classes in high school and college- my time for meditation and alone time, all my electives in college- art classes even though I was studying Health Information Sciences- photography, drawing, printmaking, silkscreen. I have worked in Health Care my whole career and have incorporated quilting, art quilting, coordinated small art groups, taken workshops on dying, complex cloth, encaustic,

Being connected to people has shaped me but I have always had a strong pull to be alone, have treasured solitude and quiet time to make things, swimming to totally lose time, running in younger years. Family experiences connected by pleasure(laughter,food,new experiences, new places) set the standard for what is good in life, worth nurturing. A stable consistent foundation enabled creative endeavors and being open to new environments. But the pull of comfortable and known always there as I knew I had to move away to be truly true to myself and grow. Canada is pretty far away! (from San Francisco).

Getting these thoughts to a couple of paragraphs... not easy.