Cori G.

My name is Cori Marie Giacomazzi.  The eldest daughter in my family, named Marie after each eldest woman before me on my Mother's side of the family.  I was born two weeks early on October 18 just as my Dad was about to go moose hunting...the neighbor drove my Mom to the hospital.  I learned to walk before I could crawl.  I have a sister 18 months younger than me.  We were really cruel to each other for most of our young lives but are now dear friends. As teenagers, my sister and I tortured each other but would also fight anyone who hurt the other. Mom made sure my sister and I went to French immersion school so that we would have more job opportunities growing up in Alberta, Canada.  (Thank you Mom!)  Once a month we would visit my maternal grandparents on their farm 2 hours away from where we lived.  Once a year, we'd visit my paternal grandparents in their suburban home 5 hours away from where we lived.  I was close with all of my grandparents and knew 4 of my great grandparents.  I loved learning and hearing stories about my families histories and imigrations to Canada.  My Nona immigrated when she was 18 from Italy and never returned there.    I started working as soon as I could so that I would have some sort of independence from my parents.  I was babysitting at 11 years old, selling sporting goods for my Father at the same age and got a "real" job at Arby's at 14.  I worked my entire way through university, sometimes holding 3 jobs at a time while taking full time classes.  At just 15 years old, my Mom took our family to Belize where her cousin lived.  The amount of poverty that was normal changed the way I looked at my life.  Suddenly, I was grateful for a long, clean shower, for an abundance of food, for the ability to buy things or go to the movies.  Later that year, my mom and a good friend's parents, send us to France alone to spend a month with our pen pals.  The following year, they came to stay with us.  I asked my Mom, when I was an adult,  "What the hell were you guys thinking sending 2 15 year old girls around the world by themselves?"  Her answer, "That's why we took you to Belize, so that you had the experience to do it."  Thank you Mom!  Since then, I have traveled the world alone and with my Mother with over 25 countries under my belt.  

I used to work well under pressure and still do but prefer not too.  Lately, I seem to really like to make lists and block out time in the studio that I have really started to become protective of.  I am trying to find a way to balance different projects at once in the studio...not an easy task in a small space.  I am also trying to give myself a "playday".  What I definitely do best is my combinations of colors and sewing.

In order to write what I care about most, I found a list to be the most clear:

  • Color
  • Beauty
  • Balance
  • Nature
  • Symmetry
  • People - family & friends
  • Equality
  • Women
  • Well-being
  • Stability
  • Gratitude
  • Bodies
  • Yoga
  • Biking
  • Travel
  • Languages
  • Recycling
  • Movement
  • Shoes
  • Flowers
  • Trees
  • Birds
  • Texture
  • And there is so much more...

Thank you.  Mwah!