Ann K.

I've been doing a lot of writing, but will just share a little bit with the group here. Jane's story of hiding your talents out of misguided humility really hit home for me. In college, I got three majors: Computer Science, math, and art. I also minored in German.  Sadly, I discovered that introducing myself as a triple-major would usually intimidate the person I was talking to. In the interest of making friends (something I struggled with early in college), I started just introducing myself as just a computer science major. I didn’t like having to hide the things I loved, but I also didn’t want all my conversations to turn into “Oh math and art are so different, how is that possible?” I worried that the focus turned too much on me and the new person felt unworthy somehow.

I'm no longer a college student and don't continually get asked my major anymore, but I feel tired of selling myself short, especially since Austin, Texas, has a much better tech and art scene than Spokane, Washington. Larger cities tend to draw people with big ambitions, and perhaps this is just a reminder that Austin is a better fit for me culturally. I've definitely grown tremendously since attending grad school and working several tech jobs. 

I'm finding these exercises really helpful, and hope I can find the right way to share my passions.