Sandra W.


                Fabric is in my blood and color is part of my soul – why? I don’t know - no one in my family sewed.  I was born in CA and I am an only child.  At an early age my dad brought home satins and taffetas from his work (he made diplomas) and I sewed them by hand and later a toy machine.  When I was 11 my father died, we went to Chicago for the surgery and ended up living in Indiana with my grandparents and stepdad, I could not wait to get back to California.  When I finally got back home I brought my real sewing machine with me.  I got married, became the mother of 3 daughters, studied journalism and advertising in college, have live in cities, farm and remote areas and have live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California for 46 year.  After I retired I ventured into Art Quilts and new world opened up to me.


                My love of fabric, not matching points or corners rocks my world.  The freedom of drawing my random patterns, using my hand dyed, batiks, commercial fabric, beading, painting ,fusing, machine and raw edge applique and piecing gives me joy.  I make changes as needed and finish my pieces with a facing style binding.  My work is generally 60 inches on one side and I enjoy experimenting with new processes.  Part of the fun is petting the fabric.   


                I’m in a good place with my art – my family is supportive as I work in the studio, teach and travel.  Processing all that I’ve learned in this AST class will take time but with the new skills I shall move forward.  I Am An Artist.