Landreth H.

I admit to having had a temper tantrum. I didn't want to do our assignments for the last two weeks. Couldn't see the purpose if I do not plan on showing or selling.   And processing again the history that was so very painful to experience ... ahhhh!  Then Jane sent her video with voice only ... and I picked up on something I had missed. Write that which was positive. AndI realized that this is a part ... a very important part ... of owning my artist self. So here it is. I have five pages of history, process and content to refer back to. And ... I own it!  I am a fiber artist!!

An Introduction:

I DON'T DANCE! I step on toes!   I spend my summers at the lake ... on the water, swimming long or snorkling deep, kayaking or (in the past) slalom ski jumping ... great balance and all without fear. Growing up winters were spent in the panhandle of Idaho where life was intense with five feet of crystaline snow, blizzard isolation, Northern lights, and rushing spring rivers. I climbed, ran, snowshoed and stared in awe ...      water ... light ... color ... texture ... ENERGY!

Now in winter I live in my studio on the Oregon coast where my art reflects an interaction of water and movement, light and brilliance, foreground and depth, all while emphasizing color and texture.   YesI am smiling!    ICAN DANCE!  I dye fabricwith rust ... spending hours and days nurturing the metal to the fabric. Then it is sealed and stitched to enhance the telling of the story whether it be underwater reflections with sun beams... orcolors and textures on tree trunks. It is the interplay of my energy!       IT IS MY DANCE!!!